Welcome to the RuffTimes.co.

We are excited to have you join our community and our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to pet resources.

From how to adopt a pet to how to care for your pet, we will strive to bring you the most relevant and up to date information available. There are lots of great pet sites out there but most of them offer cute videos and photos, and we hope to have that available for you also we really want to be the place you come to for guidance on how to get the most out of your relationship with your best friend.

We are going to start with a few cities as we get the formula right and then we will expand to as many regions as we can.

Here are the resources that we will begin with:

  1. How to adopt a pet and what pets are available – we believe that pets should be rescued whenever possible and that is where we will focus. We will work with all of the data available to help you find your best friend and to save as many lives as we can
  2. What are the best pet products out in the market – we will look for the best new pet products that can help you provide the best experience to you and your pet. From leashes, collars, and beds to the best foods and gadgets on the market. We will look to bring you helpful information and even links and discounts to get these items.
  3. How to and who to help you train your pet – we know how we expect our pets to act, but hey they are pets. There are a host of dog trainers and tools in the market and we are here to help you know what has worked for others. We are here to help you find the best resources to live happily with your pet(s).
  4. How to care for an ill pet – just like humans your pet will get sick from time to time and will need healthcare. We will be a resource to know where you can get the best care for your pet and even talk about things like insurance.
  5. How can I help other pets – while your new rescue is now safe and happy there are always animals that need help. For those of you that can help out, we will be a resource to understand what are some great charities that are helping animals in need.
  6. Great information – we will write out own articles on interesting pet issues and well as scour the internet for things that are worth your time.
  7. And yes, we will offer up cute pet videos and photos.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to helping you and your best friend live a happy and healthy life together.