Why Socializing Your Puppy Early Is Key

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In addition to making dogs friendlier, teaching them good social skills and imparting manners, early socialization serves the all-important purpose of teaching puppies to be more confident. This, in turn, leads to happier, better-rounded dogs that can easily blend into a variety of social situations.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is a broad term, but generally it describes the process by which puppies learn to accept and interact with various social situations. These may include encounters with people, traffic, buildings, unfamiliar sights, noises and smells, and, of course, other dogs.

When Can I Begin Socialization?

For puppies, early socialization is key to a lifetime of great behavior. Most veterinarians recommend beginning a socialization program at four weeks of age and continuing until twelve weeks, as this is the time at which puppies are most open to new experiences.

Waiting longer than twelve weeks from birth may res…

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