Vitamin C Deficiency In Guinea Pigs

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As people, we know that getting the Vitamin C we need in our diets often entails supplementation or eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Because our bodies can’t manufacture our own Vitamin C, we need to bring it in from the outside. Did you know that this is also true for guinea pigs? If guinea pigs don’t get enough Vitamin C in their diets through sources like leafy vegetables and colorful fruits, their Vitamin C reserves disappear entirely and they become vulnerable to scurvy – a condition that causes blood clotting and difficulties in the joints and skin. Here’s what you can do to discourage Vitamin C deficiency in your guinea pig.

How Does Vitamin C Deficiency Happen?

While it’s obvious that the easiest way for a guinea pig to become Vitamin C deficient is by not consuming enough Vitamin C, it’s important to remember that it is possible for guinea pigs to become deficient eve…

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