5 Common People Snacks That Make Your Pets Fat

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Pet parents who feed their four-legged companions human food mean well. However, they often don’t realize that these tasty human treats are filled with dangerous calories and fat. While some pet parents pamper their furry friends with tasty human food, some treats can cause your dog’s waistline to expand at an alarming rate. From cookies to hot dogs, these are some of the most common treats that you should avoid feeding your pet:

1. Oatmeal Cookies

An oatmeal cookie may be a tasty treat for humans, but it’s a calorie-packed gut bomb for dogs. One small oatmeal cookie for a small dog is the same as an entire, fatty hamburger for a person. While your pup may love the salty sweetness of a homemade oatmeal cookie, save him the calories and offer a carrot instead.

2. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs pack way more fat than you would assume. At around 175 calories, they make up about 1/3 of a 20 lb. dog’s recommended daily calorie intake. While dogs will happil…

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