4 Reasons Dogs Scoot

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Have you ever noticed your dog scooting? That is, dragging their bottom along the ground, often on your carpet. This indicates that their bottom is itchy and it’s often the only way they can try to obtain relief.

There are four main reasons why dogs do this:

1. Tapeworms

Your dog may have tapeworms. You may notice their segments on your dog’s feces on the hair around their bottom. They look like wriggly grains of rice and cause itching. Fortunately, these worms rarely cause serious ill health, but they are annoying.

The best way to control worms in your pet is to use a reliable worming product on a regular basis. Because tapeworms are spread by fleas, any worming program should include good flea control, both on the dog and in their environment.

2. Fleas

Speaking of fleas, these too can cause itching around your dog’s rump and bottom. They’ll chew and bite at their skin, but most dogs can’t quite reach the area around thei…

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