Which Emotions Do Dogs Feel?

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If you’re like most pet parents, you consider your dog an intelligent, emotionally advanced creature. When you come home, your pup jumps up to greet you; when you scold him for getting into the trash, he looks shameful, so he has to have feelings, right? In some ways, yes, you’re right. But, unlike humans, there are some things dogs simply can’t feel. If you’re curious what your dog does and doesn’t feel, keep reading.

When Dogs Reach Emotional Maturity

Just like humans, dogs need time to grow up and mature emotionally. Think about human babies for a moment. Human babies display something close to excitement, but that’s about it. Over the months after their birth, they develop more complex emotions, like disgust, fear, and anger. While dogs mature more quickly than humans do, it still takes quite some time for them to develop the full spectrum of emotions they’ll have as adults. Newborn puppies are somewhat limited in their emotional expression, whereas dogs betw…

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