Save Money On Dog Grooming

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Good grooming not only makes your dog look (and smell) better, but it’s also an important part of keeping him healthy. Matted fur, common during the shedding season, holds heat and puts your pooch at risk of overheating – and it provides a refuge in which fleas and ticks can hide. Grooming keeps your dog’s skin, ears, and nails healthy and alerts pet parents to any lumps and bumps that could be hiding beneath a thick coat.

Grooming doesn’t come cheap. Good groomers, like good hairdressers, receive top dollar – a reflection of their hard work, training, and experience. However, just like many other aspects of your dog’s care, you can save money on grooming through a combination of DIY work, comparison-shopping, and ingenuity.

DIY Dog Bathing

Even if you don’t plan to pick up …

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