Dog Brushes 101

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Humans enjoy a variety of hairbrushes for different hair types; dogs do as well. When grooming Fido, it’s important to use the right brush in order to ensure the best results and no pulling, tearing, or tugging of his hair. If you’re looking to boost your grooming game, consider adding the following brushes to your kit.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are designed with a large flat or curved head and, instead of bristles, feature rows of wire pins with rounded ends that won’t poke your dog. These brushes are ideal for de-matting and removing dead portions of the undercoat on dogs with all coat types. As the brush moves through the hair, the pins remove tangles and the bent ends are gentle on a dog’s skin, while also serving to gather hair and pull it out of the living coat. These brushes are available in many different sizes and shapes to cater to your dog’s unique coat type.

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